My work embraces the idea of essence, while cognizant of the necessarily highly complex substructure which predicates it.

Ideas orbit, collide, complement, antagonize, and point to other ideas through the highly complex substructures of duality, paradox, conceptual strata, and multi-layered references, that scaffold the guise of simplicity.

Furthermore, my work is decidedly antagonistic to autonomy and concision.  It is, rather, like facets - illuminating, reflecting and redirecting.  Summation and concision are absent in favor of rich paradox, dynamic duality, and multi-layered reference.

In other words, the more you look, the more you see.

Materials, processes, and presence collaborate in the tangential conceptual arcs weaving throughout the work.  Semiotics playfully, but critically, interacts with Ontology and Art History.  Consequently and ultimately, however, I seek to point to the ineffable - that which is much larger than myself. Ideas which I am humbled to collaborate with - expansive ideas.




Selected Exhibitions

2018             Into The Light, Group Exhibition, curated by Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2017             42nd Juried Exhibition, juried by Susan Krane, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA

2016            41st Juried Exhibition, juried by Jock Reynolds, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA

2015            Little Things Mean A Lot, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA

                    J1:ATHICA’s First Juried Exhibition, juried by Michael Rooks, ATHICA, Athens, GA

                    Detour Thru Your Mind: An Illustrated Peoples’ History of Athens, GA, ATHICA, Athens, GA

                    40th Juried Exhibition, juried by Carter Foster, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA

2014            Equations, Gallery@Hotel Indigo Athens, Athens, GA

                    INTERIOR/EXTERIOR: Structural Constellations, collaborative exhibition by Vespucci, a collaborative founded with Cody VanderKaay, ATHICA, Athens, GA

2014-13       Rusty Wallace // Dialogue, Twin Kittens, Atlanta, GA

2013           Dialogue: Work by Rusty Wallace, Anne Wright Wilson Gallery, Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY

2012           Live/Work, Twin Kittens, Atlanta, GA

2011            Movers & Shakers: MOGA GA Salutes the Rising Stars of the Georgia Arts Scene, MOCA GA, Atlanta, GA

                   On Spirituality: Emerging Visions of the Spiritual, Marshall University, Huntington, WV

2010           Energy Plan For The Hopeful Man - New Work by Rusty Wallace, Twin Kittens, Atlanta, GA

2008          Ways of Seeing, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

2007          a place in space, presented by Vespucci, collaborative exhibition of Vespucci, Roy C. Moore Art Gallery, University of North Georgia, Gainesville, GA

2005          anonymous content, collaborative exhibition of Vespucci, a collaborative co-founded with Cody VanderKaay, Broad Street Gallery, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

2003          Atlanta Biennial, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA, Guest Curator:  Franklin Sirmans

2001           Small Sculpture 2001, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

2001-00     Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards, International Sculpture Center, Group Exhibition, Grounds for Sculpture, NJ

Honors and Awards

2015           Drawing purchased for the High Museum of Art’s Permanent Collection, Atlanta, GA

2015           Merit Award, 40th Juried Exhibition, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA

2010           Visiting Artist, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

                   White Columns Curated Artist Registry inclusion

2009          Visiting Artist/Sculpture Professor, Alfred University, Alfred, NY

2006          Visiting Artist in Drawing/Painting, Messiah College, Grantham, PA

2003          Career Awards Grant from National Society of Arts and Letters

2001           Jurors’ Award, Small Sculpture 2001, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

2000          Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, International Sculpture Center

2000-98    Studio Assistant to Susan Hauptman, Lamar Dodd Professorial Chair, University of Georgia


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Small Sculpture 2001’, Forum Gallery, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, 2001

‘International Sculpture Center’s 2000 Outstanding Student Achievement In Contemporary Sculpture Awards’, Sculpture Magazine, NJ, October 2000


2000           University of Georgia, Athens, GA, MFA

1998            University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program, Cortona, Italy (spring)

1996            University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, BFA

1993-91        Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY